Recent Projects


Won the Jury Prize at La Femme Underground Film Festival. Directed by Araeia Robinson. Starring Jon Lindstrom and Marisol Sacramento. Produced in collaboration with Baby Green Byrd Productions.

“Val-en-tina tackles a more concentrated politically charged issue and also manages to bring up even more unsettling charges: racism, classism, miscegenation and fetishization.” Graveyard Shift Sisters.


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One Night Only

An invite-only one night festival of films, held at the Electric Lodge in Venice, CA. .

An evening of short films with a theme of diversity and a focus on gender parity, curated to evoke a reminder both of the wide range of the human experience, and the common themes experienced by all. The event brought talented artists together in a supportive environment from which further art would be made. No filmmaker was charged to participate in the festival, no audience member was required to purchase a ticket.

Films included those by Darius Clarke Monroe, Naima Ramos-Chapman and Terrance Nance, Araeia Robinson, Robert Munic and Ingrid Rogers, Nzinga Kadalie Kemp, Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine, Laurie Arakaki, and Mtume Gant.

At the One Night Only Festival 2016

Electric Lodge with Jeff, Jon, Michelle, and Cady

Ghost Light: The Haunting

Directed by Penny Bergman

“With minimal scenery and costumes, the play is still a visceral experience, enhanced by the Kabuki music and the physical movement of all the actors. It is this harmony of sound and sight that is truly haunting…”  ~

An experimental Asian-American hybrid piece of theatre exploring a woman’s revenge against a “Macbeth-ian” husband. Directed by Penny Bergman.

Ghost Light Play Website.

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